Devona Coe

Ottawa, Canada

Devona Coe knows how to throw a party. She's been performing weekly drag shows since September 2017 and hosts shows at The Vanitea Room, The Lookout Bar and many other venues in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Vancouver. She's paired with MAX Ottawa for various events and has partnered with IKEA for various Ottawa Pride events.

Devona has also performed with many RuPaul queens including Bob the Drag Queen, Shea Coule, Ongina, Alyssa Edwards, Nina Bonina Brown, Manila, Naomi Smalls and Monique Heart. 

Favourite songs to perform:

Commander (Kelly Rowland), Hush Hush (Pussy Cat Dolls), Telepathy (Christina Aguilera), For Your Entertainment (Adam Lambert) and anything by Gaga.

Booking Contact Info: